What's up guys!! I am very simple and so this probably will not be super elegant or lengthy! My name is Aaron and I've been messing around with cameras since 2011. I'm originally from Brooklyn, New York but I am currently residing in Las Vegas, Nevada where I shoot. At first I thought I really wanted to be a videographer but the first time I used my camera to take a portrait it blew my mind. I knew right then and there that I wanted to capture these moments for people that last a lifetime. I have grown a lot in the 7 years of playing around with cameras and I hope to continue growing and mastering my craft. I am super grateful for my wife and the many hours she spent watching videos with me and being my model which helped shape me to the photographer I am today. I am also grateful for my beautiful daughter who inspires me to keep going. I hope that my images speak for themselves as someone who takes this passion very seriously. If you want to know more feel free to contact me!

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